A Time Portal in the Sands Brings a Young Couple Together

The Story

As NATE, in his mid-twenties, sunbathes on a deserted beach while he waits for the surf, the singing sands alert him to a change in the environment.

Through his squinting eyes, he discovers HATTIE, a year younger, but dressed in a 1920s bathing suit, who has inexplicably appeared on the beach.

In contrast to Nate’s bewilderment, Hattie is clearly accustomed to her travels, and her wondrous nature fascinates him.

Nate is determined to discover who this beautiful time traveller is, as their worlds converge across the sands of time.

Jean Paul

“The more sand that has escaped from the hourglass of our life, the clearer we should see through it.”

The Production

The film shot across three days in Cornwall, and a final day in London.

Securing the main location for the shoot was the culmination of a year of research to ensure the setting was perfect for the film.

It was shot with a very specific style, on a Canon C300MKII and Xeen Cinema Prime lenses.