W R I T E R / D I R E C T O R

J A M E S  H U G H E S

James’s debut short film was an official selection of multiple Oscar Qualifying Festivals such as the Calgary International Film Festival, Encounters, and the Raindance Film Festival, to name just a few.

Based on this success he was flown to Tuscany to direct a stage show to a live audience of four thousand that was simultaneously broadcast on Italian television.

The following year, he was hired to be a Speaker for the Screenwriting Expo in Los Angeles, where he taught a popular class on short filmmaking, working alongside such luminaries as William Goldman.

In his career James has worked with over 200 actors.

His short film, The Inuring screened at the Oscar qualifying Rhode Island International Film Festival and another 60 film festivals. It won 20 awards across the festival circuit – a one in three win ratio.

He also directed Tobias Menzies in The Velvet Abstract, his multi-award winning environmental short film produced on six continents. Scored by Composer Jean-Pascal Beintus, the film was part of a BAFTA environmental event where James was a panellist on stage for a live Q&A. It has gone on to screen at over 100 international film festivals.

James has recently released his short film When the Rain Sets In with a team from Oscar and Emmy winning productions. The pitch for the film itself won a contest on stage at BAFTA. It is edited by the Oscar Nominated Editor of Green Book.

James has now been selected by BAFTA to be part of their BAFTA Crew for this year.

His latest short film, The Sands of Time is now out on the festival circuit.